UE4 2D Benchmark request


I used to make games in AS3, recently I wanted to try something more powerful, to create more complex code and lift a little pressure of my back; by not having to optimise everything.

I do two types of tests, a rendering test and a processing one. All the tests consists on bunnies jumping on the screen, rotating in the direction they are going, adding more bunnies while fps are >55. The processing test add a dummy basic collision check (just 2 AABB), each bunny check 100 collisions.

To my surprise a lot of engines weren’t faster than Flash/AIR. The benchmark was 8,000 bunnies for Starling in rendering and 2,000 in processing, which keeps it at ~50FPs.

I test a lot of engines. Of the most important where Cocos2d-X with 6k bunnies (C++ version, not tested processing), Unity with 6k also and 2k in processing (version 4.6 with 2D native); and MonoGame with 22k in rendering and 1k in processing. Those 22k in rendering may seem like much, but… first the processing power kills it and second another AS3 engine got 43k rendering and 3k processing (Genome 2D, hereis the bench online).

Mind blown. Flash is not that slow.

Making a long story short (ok, not so short…), I would like to request some one to make one of those benchmarks in UE4 using paper 2D.
I can’t do it because there is no trial version, but I can provide the source codes of the others benchmarks (C#, C++, Java, AS3 and Javascript) and help with what is needed.

Thank you

A little bump. If nobody answer I take it that there is no interest in making the benchmark.

Hi Deban,

You may like to take a look to my Benchmark:

UE4 is free, you can download the engine there is no “trial versions”. You can download my project or install the .APK in your phone. I’m working on HTML5 export, but I’m having some problem hosting it.