UE4 2d assets clipping

Hello there, I am pretty much very new to Unreal and getting the hang of the basic and am trying to create a 2-d sidescroller.

One Issue I am having is with my sprites. I have my actual touchable sprites which I can walk on and back ground ones, and sometime my background sprites clip through the ones in front. I thought that as long as a sprite is behind the actual physical lay out it would be placed there but the sprites seem to be fighting one another for who goes in front, some sprites work fine like my big square background one but whenever I try to use a sprite background for my cave the geometry turns into a giant mess. My Translucent sort policy is on sort by distance and I was told to use sort along axis as well which makes is 10x worse and almost everything clips above one another. Can anyone give any help for this please?

Another example is with an actor I made for when you touch it you kill it (haven’t blueprinted that part into yet), the mesh itself looks placed along the right axis (1st image below) but in game it is behind the background assets which is clearly behind it in the viewport mode (2nd image below). Driving my head in haha!

i realise this question was asked a LONG time ago, but on the off chance someone stumbles upon it like i did, i found a solution.

go into the editor for the sprites that are being clipped through and change their Default Material from “TranslucentUnlitSpriteMaterial” to “MaskedUnlitSpriteMaterial”.

when you automatically generate sprites it seems to “randomly” choose between these 2 types, and the translucent version has clipping issues.