UE4.27 long term support

Does anyone know how long Epic Games is going to continue to support UE4.27?

What I can tell you as a marketplace seller, is that we won’t be allowed to publish stuff for 4.27 on the marketplace as soon as 5.2 is released (if they don’t change their policy, and I doubt they will)

I’ve recently checked the GitHub repo and there’s a branch called 4.27-plus, and I think it could be updated in extraordinary cases, but I don’t expect long term support (also because there is also no short term support tbh…)

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Do you know when 5.2 will be released? I heard it is coming up in the next 3-4 months or so. It could be shorter.

Just adding to what Ares9323 has stated - a lot of marketplace plugin sellers will still be supporting 4.27 and have versions of their plugins available for people on request. All of my plugins are built and tested back to 4.25.

A lot of other types of marketplace content gets released with 4.2x up support too - I’ve seen many marketplace creators start doing that recently.

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It’s really hard to forecast Epic decisions, what I can tell you is that it’s not yet available on github but the time you mentioned could be realistic.

I totally agree with that, but in this case the things are pretty different because many things have been deprecated in 5.1.

As a plugin developer I don’t think I would develop two versions of the same plugin considering that it can’t be sold on the marketplace, and the request for older engine versions could be minimal (if not zero).
I will continue to grant support for old plugins, but I’ve seen many sellers saying that only the UE5 version will be updated.

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You’ve been pretty accurate, Man!
I published a post in the Epic Store section and it’s been totally ignored (maybe it’s in the wrong location since the Unreal Marketplace and the Epic Store are not exactly the same thing).
What matters is that now, support for UE4 has been totally removed (but only for code plugins), all other assets can be published for much older engine versions.