Ue4.27 datasmith Runtime import

I use the datasmith runtime to import the udatasmith

A problem with the material was found!

One is imported at runtime and the other is not

There is a problem with the MateriallnstanceDynamic

Thanks Viveco_zc,
I will let the team know.

Out of curiosity what was the original dcc tool you generate udatasmith from? and which of the two beds is the one imported at runtime?


3dmax left

Thank you, I logged a bug report. Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-124988)

Hi @viveco_zc, I was wondering what your approach to importing was? I try to load from a .udatasmith file through blueprint. I get a success message, but unfortunately, nothing appears. Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you

Did you check the corresponding documentation Using Datasmith at Runtime | Unreal Engine Documentation

Oops, that’s embarrassing. I swear I looked for it but must have missed it somehow. Thanks!

To be honest, I tried to give you the link by searching it online and could not find it in top suggestions so I just copied it from another post :wink:

We’re looking to get that page a bit more easier to find, sorry about that :smiley:

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