UE4.26 - While in the sequencer, I editer a material and now... the sequencer animated the color change, how to fix?

LOl… This is a first time ever

I was in the middle of a sequence and decide that the color of the hair was too dark, opened the material, made the color a bit lighter, now I click play again… and the sequencer accidentally animated the color change… OMG!

So now If I make the hair yellow, at the exact frame I was when I changed the hair color, the hair becomes black… no idea how to fix it, because first of all, there is not any key at that frame… I didn’t even know we could animated materials, also, there is not any option in the material to set a key from there (the bottle drooping), basically I just opened a material, edited the parameter, and that was it, and since there is not any key in the sequencer I cant just delete it. I even tried to create an istance now and replace the original material… it doesn’t work I can make it red, its still becoming black at that frame.

Please help!!!