UE4.26 Perception issue on a stimulus expired

Hi, I found a bug that the expiration stimulus will not trigger OnTargetPerceptionUpdated, the season is described below.

Here it marks actually the LastSensedStimulus as expired.

Then, when going to process this expiration stimulus, the check below will surely return false as the LastSensedStimulus.bWasSuccessfullySensed was changed to false by the above step.

The bActorInfoUpdated is false while bWantsToNotifyOnlyOnValueChange is true, so it won’t trigger the OnTargetPerceptionUpdated.

And after this happens, if the subsequent stimulus is not-sensed one (bWasSuccessfullySensed=false), they will not able to trigger OnTargetPerceptionUpdated as well as the LastSensedStimulus.bWasSuccessfullySensed is also false, which finally result in the listener will be blocked in sensed status.

Would you UE4 guy help check this? Thank you! :slight_smile: