UE4.26 Music Demo Video

In just one week, I created this unique music video for a newly formed rock band. The idea and the script were on the vocals of the band. The technical work was done by me!
I used the amazing software of iClone 7 and Unreal Engine 4.26 to create the video!

[Link removed for now]

I see the link to the music demo video was removed. I can’t wait to see how your creation came out! :eyes:

My video was deleted from the forum because of the discreet nudity!
Anyone who wants to watch the video, let me know.

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I had the chance to see your video, and might I say, WOW! There was so much action, detailed visuals, and unique camera work. It’s hard to believe you did it all in a week and by yourself at that! I’m blown away by your terrific work! The song itself was great as well. Will you be creating more music videos for this band in particular in the future or expanding to other projects?

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smukhopadhyay19@gmail.com …send the link