UE4.26 Movie Render Queue low resolution tearing


I’m using Movie Render Queue in runtime to render a sequence, and i found that there is a tearing problem when outputting low-resolution images. This problem fixed by using high-resolution output, but it takes a long time.

I’m using Ubuntu 18.04, a server without display. The program is render off screen.

I tried to use VSync but it doesn’t work

Cmd: r.VSync 1
r.VSync = “1”
Cmd: r.VSyncEditor 1
r.VSyncEditor = “1”
VisLogBP: LogText: ‘2121212’
LogBlueprintUserMessages: [xxxx_C_1] 5
LogBlueprintUserMessages: [xxxx_C_1] 5
Cmd: Streamer.LowBitrate 4
Streamer.LowBitrate = “4”
Cmd: Streamer.HighBitrate 6
Streamer.HighBitrate = “6”
LogBlueprintUserMessages: xxxx_C_1] Init MRQ
LogMovieRenderPipeline: Finished map load xxxx
LogMovieRenderPipeline: Zero Initial Delay, initializing…
LogMovieRenderPipeline: [1112] Initializing overall Movie Pipeline
LogMovieRenderPipeline: Applying CVar “r.VSync” PreviousValue: 1.000000 NewValue: 1.00000

For Movie render queue runtime builds, i didn’t use “use current level”, that will cause many frames stuck.

Any ideas?