UE4.26 - Lowest PC FPS for an android game?

My project is going to be developed on a PC, and I wonder how much will be the lowest limit of FPS on my PC, so my game runs well on Android, for example: If im working in my project adding lots of assets, my PC FPS could drop from 120FPS to 60FPS, now If my PC FPS is 60FPS is this going to equal to 20FPS in my android standard cellphone? Is there a rule of thumb?

This question is very important because, if my project runs at certain FPS value in my PC, I would like to know how low is the limit, to be carefull, because when I package it, I dont want to find out that my 60FPS game runs at 10FPS on my cellphone.

Unfortunately there’s too many variables to give you a performance comparison. That’s something you have to test yourself. I would just package one of the starter templates since they are small and quick to package. Also it’s wise to do a package test everytime you’ve added a major feature, new graphics, level, or mechanic to the game, so as to not be surprised by bugs or performance when you go to play it on mobile. Since sometimes what works on PC doesn’t work as expected on the phone.

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