UE4.26 is Overheating my AMD GPU like I'm playing Red Redemption 2, why?

I´m working on a new default scene, tweaking the sky sphere, and UE4.26 is making my AMD gaming GPU to work like crazy, why? Is there something I can do to stop Unreal 4.26 from being so demanding? not even GTA V with the highest quality settings causes my GPU to boil like an empty map in Unreal, and I’m not sure how to stop this, because I’m not using volumetrics, or fog, anything weird, but I do remember using UE4.19, and it wasn’t as bad with my GPU, unless I were working on an scene with tons of assets, but a default simple scene? this is the worst version I have tried, I can’t imagine adding a landscape and foliage, my GPU is going to melt…

Please help.

Try to limit your framerate with the console command “t.MaxFPS 30” for example. It should be normal for the engine to generate as much frames as possible as long as you are in the viewport, I think. With “stat FPS” you can take a look at how many FPS your GPU is generating.

4.26 released w/ heavy post processing, shadow filters, and sky effects turned on by default.

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But what people say is that this issues will be fixed in UE4.26.2… but UE is not to be updated maybe for the whole year… until UE5… which is already delayed a month for preview, Chaos its also a chaos, crashing all the time and throwing FPS to 0.