UE4.26 - Groom hair shadows are flickering - why?

Hi, my hair shadows, using the groom system are flickering, raising all to cinematic doesn’t fix it, editing the Groom hair options like density doesn’t fix it either, is there a way to fix shadow flicker without console commands?


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I finally found a solution, and I want to share,

It seems like this is the only way to stop the shadows from flickering when you use Groom hair, you must check “Cast Deep Shadow” on lights:


Once you check this, Groom hair shadows will stop flickering… but, the problem is that you must do this on every light in the scene, if not, other lights will also cause flickering… which means, checking “cast deep shadow” on every light is going to affect your GPU and FPS, not anything else, worked for me, I tried raising scalability and using the console command, they help a bit, but shadows keep flickering until I checked “Cast Deep Shadow” on my lights

If anyone has a better solution, please share.


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You saved my life.

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Great, it’s nice to help others and share, I still wish Epic would invest a bit more in improving the Groom System because it’s really good, it was actually one of my requests for UE5.