UE4-26 grid panel inside a scroll box


I want to be able to scroll a grid panel. For this, I have a very simple setup :

The red image is my background. The scroll box is of the size of the background, but with a padding of 10.

Then I added a grid panel (with a transparent image, but we can ignore that. (If you want to know why it’s here, check this topic UE4-26 Grid panel : grid slot does not fit like intended - #3 by Zulhuky , it’s a hack to make the grid panel works).

The setup of my scroll box (I changed nothing relevant I think) :

And my grid panel is setup like that :

So it is supposed to fill the scroll box horizontally and vertically. It does fill the scroll box vertically, but not horizontally. For some reason that I don’t understand, the scroll box displays the element inside of it like a list. But I don’t want that, I want my grid panel to have a bigger size that the scroll box. And I expect the scroll box to mask the part of the grid panel that is outside of it. So I will have to scroll to see all the content of the grid panel.

But I can’t change the size of the grid panel. I also have no clue where does the constrains in height of my grid panel comes from, and I don’t know how to change that.

I have a lot of trouble with Unreal UI with panels. I want to do very basic things, and at first glance it seems easy to do with unreal, but it just does not work. Why the scroll view display stuff like in a list? Can’t it be just a scroll box? and not a scroll box with a list inside of it? Sorry but I’m a bit lost.

UPDATE : I don’t have all tags available to me when I create my post, but for some reason I have more tags when I update my post. So I updated my tags…

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Hi, i’m learning ue right now. Is this what you want to make: