UE4.26 default Third Person scene is overheating my PC, why?

Hi, I have been testing UE4.26 in my gaming PC for just a few days, but after I click play in the default map… My PC starts overheating… this overheating is not that strong, but with an empty scene, it is ridiculous; once you release a full game, even this level of overheating can cause a bad review for poor optimization, is there a way to optimize an empty map LOL? I already lowered scalability from epic to high, and material quality to low, but I never experienced this overheating in UE4.24 with default maps… also FPS drops to 70 - 80 when I start running around the map.

Maybe its the new lumix light system that Epic is working, or some new settings, and I do understand that after you package, graphic demand is lower because you are not running the engine at the same time, but I’m comparing both engines, and UE4.24 has never caused overheating during simple testings like running around.

what can I do?

There is another thread that people are reporting a a drop in FPS for 4.26 compared to 4.25 and older versions. But this alone shouldn’t cause overheating compared to other versions. You likely just have dust build up in your PC. The fans and heatsinks inside a PC accumulate dust and debris and need to be cleaned every 6 months+/- depending on variables such as amount of use, animals, if you live in the room 24/7, etc.

is your video card/processor overclocked? Is the fan working?

Actually it was cleaned about 1 month ago, but overheating and FPS drop are only happening in UE4.26; Since Epic started testing this Lumix light system, I have found so many issues, that i haven’t upgraded my projects from UE4.24, mostly because lights are horrible now, they look terrible, and they are pretty similar to lights in Cyberpunk 2077, were you can see a pretty weird shine, horrible eye adaptation effects, fogginess and an unrealistic bloom wich has a bad interaction with exponential fog, that’s why I was asking If there is a way to remove lumix and use the legacy lights… but no answer, I guess we can’t, still not 100% sure that this is my main problem with FPS drops and overheating, but my PC is fine as long as I avoid using UE4.25 and 4.26, I’m trying to make it work do, but after you release a game on steam for example, the slightest PC heat in-game… and people starts saying: poor optimization, not recommended…LOL, I hope they fix all this issues before UE5