UE4.26 / Cinematic not respecting the shot on top of the track, why?

Hi, In previous UE4 versions, the sequencer always respected the shot on top, which means that if I added a new shot, and put it on the top of the track, the sequencer was always showing the camera shot in the higher position in the track,

Now In UE4.26, I migrated my UE4.25 project and figured out, that all my camera shots were ruined, when I was trying to solve this issue, found out, that the sequencer was simply not respecting the order of my shots, If the next camera is in the bottom, but it doesn’t start where the camera on top finishes, then the sequencer is going to continue with the camera in the bottom, instead of letting the camera on top to finish, how may I fix this?

Unfortunately, Sequencer doesn’t mimic an editor as much as it should. The logic for which clip is used in a multi-layered shot sequence is confusing. I filed a feature request and suggest others do as well.

I think at this point you have to rebuild your sequence.