UE4.26 + Chaos :: Can't install any plugin

Hi, I downloaded UE4.26 + Chaos for some testings, and I can’t install any plugin, not any.

Then I tried UE4.26.2, but Chaos is still not integrated either.

And, Apex wont be in UE5 anymore, so…

Apex still works in 4.6.2, what happens with chaos is that it is a beta and does not guarantee that it will be implemented, it is under development.

yes, but when you start a project, you already have an idea of how long is it going to take, for example if right now I decide my next project will involve destruction, maybe it will be finished late in 2022 or 2023, If I start using Apex now (wich is way better optimized than Chaos) and when UE5 is released, maybe next year, with no APex, it will be a problem moving forward with the project, but since right now Chaos is also not a trusted system either because as you said “no guarantee” then both systems become “not guarantee” and using the same example, I can´t use any and I would have to wait 1 year until you decide which one and I cannot do planning because now you made both “not guarantee”; different from the Particle system, Niagara was released gradually and was also integrated, but the original particle system was kept as a legacy, and I didn’t care about Niagara possibly being cancelled at the last minute.

So, just take it as a feedback

I don’t think it’s an impediment, many people stay on a stable version to finish their projects. Epics Games therefore offers at the time of installing which version you want, whether for compatibility, performance, plugins etc. This happens because some people get their hands on the source code of the engine and stay on that version until they release their project. So personally it is not an impediment, what I understand is that they are looking to replace apex because it deteriorates the performance of the engine.

Ok, thanks for your fast replay, which is great!

I understand your point, its just that when UE5 is released, it will be weird… not to want to update to that version, but now it feels like both destructible systems are on hold, like two boxers fighting for a title, Chaos winning but still, we can start using it now, which causes a lose of confidence on both, which I feel is understandable.

But thanks for your reply, still feedback is important.

The most significant change in UE5 is the next generation of consoles, processors, graphic cards, not that it is a priority to move so fast to this version, there will be a transition time, but it is recommended that you finish your project with UE4, this because there are dramatic changes and that can affect productivity with a project under development, because it is necessary to adapt it to the new tool.

I agree 100%, but UE5 release date is still uncertain, the preview was probably to be released on March, now I’m even thinking that the final version might be released in 2022, we are on this weird transition with no information, at least no official one, which is causing confusion, but I understand 100%, for instance I never had an issue moving between UE4 versions, never, but now, not having an idea of a release date of UE5 and also uncertain about Apex and Chaos its frustrating, tought call.

Again, thanks for the Feedback

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Que? A new physics system not guaranteed to be implemented?! It’s used by Fortnite for like a year already. It does only not default in 4.26 since few missing things (like the new Vehicle template), performance not good enough.

You can be sure of one thing about Apex Destruction, it’s ancient and very basic way of handling destruction. There’s no control over destruction, just exploding mesh to ■■■■■■-looking chunks. No interaction with chunks, no chance for network replication.

Apex is old tech even for Nvidia, for years they offer Blast as the replacement. Which is only forgotten by Epic because of Chaos :wink:

Staring project with abandoned Apex plugin where you rely on destruction… It’s a bad idea. You have a guarantee that Apex-based destruction looks as bad as 2005 game.

Meanwhile, Chaos is designed around destruction giving us control do direct destruction scenes/mechanics. Chaos is already integrated with Niagara. It’s already much improved in 4.26 and master branch (4.27).

If this launcher problem kills you now, you can even try getting 4.26-chaos branch from GitHub and compiling the engine on your own. Very useful when working on a huge new system like Chaos, you could update the engine code any time. Not like 2 times since 4.26 release.
I guess… all of this gonna be solved by 4.27 with Chaos used by default :wink:

Yes, if Chaos is already in UE4.27… It will be a perfect solution, not sure when this version is going to be released, but they already said “not guarantee” which is really bad, but not as bad as start working with UE4 and not be able to upgrade my project to UE5, It makes total sense if I stay using UE4.25 instead of a poorly optimized UE4.26 with lots of FPS issues, but not to keep working on UE4 when UE5 is released, which now feels like is not going to release until next year… it is so delayed.

So, for now, I decided not to continue working with UE4, at least not for new projects, until UE5 is released and maybe not even UE5, but until UE5.2 is released.