UE4.26 BUG - Music constantly rewinding between cinematic shoots when using time dilatation, why?

Hi, I added a Background song to the sequencer (master sequence), every shoot has different time dilatation values (1.00 - 0.5 - 0.7 etc), one single shoot my have several time dilatation changes, and after I added an audio track with a sound cue, time dilatation causes that song to break by making constant small rewinds, this is 1 single song in the master sequence, it should play during the entire cinematic without being affected by anything else, but by the time the cinematic and song is almost over, the cue has already received several small rewinds so now the cue sound horrible, rewinding like crazy, like if all the previous time dilatations cause a major problem over time (at least that’s my guessing of the issue, because if I delete time dilatation, it runs Ok.

Tried to add small sounds FX to the cinematic and they also have the same issues…

I thought increasing the cue priority might help, but it changed nothing, my only guess, is that this has to be a major bug in UE4.26´s sequencer, because my tracks they all have default settings, tested some market place sounds too, and after a sound is added to the sequencer, there is little properties to test.

Please help if you believe I can do something else to fix this issue!