UE4.26.2 Build Error

When i go to package my project for Win64 the packaging always fails. Ive attached an image of the part of the console where it fails. if anyone could help me that would be amazing! thanks!

Learning to debug packaging fails takes a bit of understanding that doesn’t seem to be commonly shared…
The first thing you need to do is use that top text field beside Filters to actually filter out all of the extra ■■■■ that’s printed to the log every time you build, successful or not.
Type “Error” without the quotes into that filter and it will remove everything but the actual errors. In your screenshot, I can see an error highlighted in red at the bottom, but unfortunately, it just says unknown error so that’s not too helpful.
Once you’ve filtered to just the errors, you can copy and paste the text into a text file and it’s a lot easier to sort through than a screenshot.
Try that, and maybe we’ll get some more info that you can post here.