UE4.25 - How to fix the new horrible lights in Unreal?

Hi, I didn’t want to move to UE4.25, because every time I try, my scene lights from UE4.24 were ruined, i tried to make them work, but they never looked like the did in UE4.24… now I tried a new empty scene project … and lights are still horrible even if i try to create simple natural environment with high quality foliage, after building light, the scene lights make foliage look bad…terrible, switching to dynamic lights works better, but someone said this was because Epic changed the exposure and several parameters for UE4.25; but still, I can’t get the lights to work, i can´t find a solution, and I don’t think Epic just purposely screwed up the lights to then say they fixed them with lumix, when there are reports that lumix is ​​failing during testings of UE5 and they might even drop it

I have tried a lot, but for now i haven´t been able to emulate the natural feel of lights, from scenes done with UE4.24 in UE4.25, foliage just looks fake, even trying the same foliage in both versions, really frustrating.

How may i fix UE4.25 horrible lights to make them look realistic, for natural environments?

So, obviously, “horrible” is a value judgment, and as we don’t all share the same value system, it’s hard to know what you really want to achieve.

How about posting a screen shot of some asset in 4.24, then 4.25, then draw a circle around whatever you think the problem is?