UE4.25 Groom Hair CRASH


I put **1 groom hair **(from xgen-alembic) I attach it to the mannequin head.
The simulation works good.
But after one little moment (3mn), UE4.25 creates a crash.
May i should reduce the hair density?
Is anyone met and solved this problem?
Thanks for your help.


I’m also having this issue using the 4.26 preview 3, the engine becomes instable when there is a groom hair in the scene. even without making simulations or attach to any mesh

I experience similar crash issue.
When I use RTX 2080 super, it sometimes happens.
When RTX 3080 10GB, UE4.25 always creates a crash or freezes.
Groom hair simulation is very unstable.

Some bug reports were stating the crash occurred when applying more than one groom in the same scene.

That said, the groom module should still be experimental, and you should install the debug symbols and file bug reports with the information :wink: