UE4.25.3 keeps crashing on my MacBook Pro Mid 2012

Hi there

I’m completely new to UE so I’m looking for a bit of help on how to get it up and running on my MacBook. I’m doing some sound design for a game and so this is my purpose for accessing UE

Mid 2012 model
OS 10:14.6 (Mojave)
Intel Core i7 2.9 GHz
Intel HD GRaphics 4000 1536 MB

I’m able to launch 4.25.3, and have downloaded the Shooter Game template project, but as soon as I try to actually open the project, UE crashes. I’ve tried other template projects, and I’ve tried starting a new project, always same problem.

I have access to the crash logs if anyone is willing/able to have a look and advise?


Install your UE engine version additional files called PDA (aprox 24gb) for additional debug symbols to identify errors.(Found under + / Options)

Look at the following latest files in the locations:

  • Saved/Logs/
  • Saved/Crashes/

Or click the link to the Local user folder at the crash report window.

Search the files for keyword ‘error’.
Look at the bottom of the crash log and post the error message here, when you seek input. Search google for the error message, read related AnswerHub and forum posts.

Imho, your 8 year old gpu is likely insufficient, but I can not confirm this.

It is very sad, but Macs in general have terrible graphics performance.

Macs from 2012 with Intel HD Graphics 4000 cant really run Unreal.

Save yourself the pain.

Your computer doesn’t meet the minimum requirements to run UE4