UE4.24 - Static Lights drop framerate to 10 fps, why?

Hi, i added some lights inside blueprints to iluminate caves with static lighting once a character is near “overlap”… but… for some reason, framerate drops as low as 10 fps; i simply deleated those lights an the problem was fixd, how to use static lighting without fps drops?

Now i might have 100 trees in that area, but i canot add 1 light LOL

Search about shadows options, i suppose may be a problem with shadows generation or if you add reflection sphere into the scene it can do fps drop.
post a scene screenshot to have an idea.
These are only 2 ideas i hope can help you.

did you build lighting? static lights act like movable lights when they are not built. using a dynamic light on 100 objects will have a performance cost, thats just how it is.

Actually it worked backwards, adding static lights had a hudge impact in UE4.23 after building lights, just adding a simple point light, change to static light and build lights, lowered my fps to 10, what i did to fix it is change that point light to Dynamic, and fps was restored at that área.

First i was not sure why fps was dropping so hard at a certain área, so i started checking optimization modes, and light complexity showed a hudge round patch, after checking, that round thing was because of the light, i deleated it and fps was restored. then i changed all my point lights to Dynamic.

same with me any solution???before lighting package is 160mb 50fps after is 220mb 30fps.