UE4.24 + PSOCaching?

Trying to get working PSO Caching feature on 4.24

However after migration UE from 4.22 to 4.24 I cannot locate the Metada\PipelineCaches folder with .csv files which are needed for bulding the cache, instead there is ShaderLibrarySource folder.

Do I need any special settings now to get the PipelineCaches folder again? Thanks!

OK, answer is:

New: Generating stable shader info while cooking is now configurable. This data only needs to be generated if one or more platforms in your project use PSO caching. To do this, you will need to explicitly enable outputting shader stable keys by adding “NeedsShaderStableKeys=true” under the section “[DevOptions.Shaders]” in the engine .ini file for PSO platforms (for example, “AndroidEngine.ini” and “iOSEngine.ini”). This saves disk space and significant time (around 90 seconds in Epic’s use cases) on iterative cooks for large projects.