[UE4.24] (Get Input Analog Stick State) returning always 0 in Widget Blueprints


I’m trying to move all user inputs (keyboard and gamepad) to widget blueprint (game menus etc.) and I wonder why Get Input Analog Stick State node is returning me always 0 when I set my widget to Set Input Mode UI Only to that widget. I’m using xbox one controller. Everything else works fine. Just don’t understand why the node is not working in Widget Blueprint.

Thank you for any answer.

Here is the node inside Widget Blueprint:

Here is my HUD class:

It’s working, If you set your game to UI only then you must add what does that left stick inside your UI blueprint.
Add your input action in your UI. Don’t forget to untick “consume input” on your controller.

Hey, Thanks for response!

Unfortunately it’s still not working for me. It seems that Get Input Analog Stick State is not able to pull the data somehow. Unfortunately I haven’t found any “consume input” in controller (Player controller class). The consume input can be found only on custom functions it seems. However nothing changed when unticked.

I have uploaded short video with the problem: VIDEO

Get input analog Stick state cannot work if the controller is off. I’m sorry my first reply was a bit off.
You must use Move forward and Move right input actions.
On my old project I don’t use “set input mode Ui only”, just send the command to your character or your hud (switch on visibility’s HUD).
This is the default command from a fps template:

Inside your HUD You need to add an input float to your function and link the axis value.

Hey, @Jeel_884

Thank you for response! I was trying your tip (the picture) but it didn’t work either. (Strange because I think it should) :frowning: However I found a solution which works for me (picture). However, thank you for your tips!

What settings do your “on analog value change” function has and how is it called?