Ue4.24 doesn't shut down

So I just updated my project to 4.24 and the new version of the engine doesn’t shut down all the way.
It goes through the motions and closes all the way it should. So you think its closed down.
But it leaves a ue4 editor process running and a crash reporter process running each time. It never truly shuts down all the way.
But the exact same project in 4.21 closes down correctly no issues.
And the only reason I even noticed this is because I back up daily and can’t back up unless the engine is 100% shut down because of files still being used.
Please fix this. I shouldn’t have to end task each time I want to close it all the way.

Hey @Slimwaffle, would you mind filing a bug report on this?

Bumping this. Any bug report made? Any resolution?

Did a bug report ages ago. Haven’t heard anything back. I never do from bug reports.