UE4.23 - Teleport node takes longer if actor is too far, why?

Hi, i´m teleporting my actor from a long distance, if i choose to do this from close to the center of the world (wireframe), it takes no time, teleportation is instant. But… if actor is too far, it can take as much as 4 seconds, and during this time Unreal freezes, why?

Is distance a reason to delay a teleport node to relocate an actor? how to fix this? i also tested using “set actor location and rotation” but it took the same time.

Please help!!!

The Teleport (or Set Actor Location) node should instantly update the actor location, which you can verify by printing out the location through Event Tick. If it’s instant, you will see the value change in a single step.

Are you viewing the teleportation process through a camera attached to the teleporting actor using a Spring Arm component? If so, it could be a delay associated with the camera moving to the desired location. In that scenario, I’d suggest temporarily turning off the Enable Camera Lag parameter on the Spring Arm.

Thanks, yes, i havealready disable the camera lag, to disable the lag… and reveal the movement… but, i think this problema is due to UE4.23… i didn´t had this problema in UE4.22, maybe they added more stuff and now the fps drops at that particular second, and that causes this issue… in UE4.22 took me nothing to teleport, but maybe now in 4.23 it requires more graphic power to teleport… no idea.