UE4.23 - Should we use CHAOS right now, or should we wait?

Hi, i wonder, if its recomended to use chaos system right now, or if we should wait until a latter versión of UE

My Project is almost done, and i Will be packiging in less than a month, But, i want to give it a try because my Project does involve destruction…

i don´t understand why UE4.23 does not have chaos by default, then we have to manually download and compile, so this brings me to doubt if this system is alright, if its going to affect my Project, if it is a beta, if i wont be able to package to several platforms, what if players pcs wont be able to support it and the game will crash as son a mesh is broken, if… player Will require a super computer or it Will run ok in older pcs……since not everyone has extreme video cards, may this impact on the requeriments to play?

I Will appreciate your advice on this one.

Please help!

Please help

Chaos replaces the destructible mesh system, or what are the differences?

Chaos, 4.23, is not ready for prime time use.
At the moment it’s a first adopter feature so like some features in the past you have to turn it on.

Will Chaos be yet another Plugin or built-in / native to the engine…
(Regarding Packaging etc). Anyone know or its too early to say?