UE4.23 HTML5 build stuck at "Launching Engine..."


I am having issues with my HTML5 project, after I build it and try it via localhost (tried both on Firefox and Chrome) it downloads everything, compiles WebAssembly but is stuck forever at “Launching Engine…” part. I have seen this happening to some people but there were no answers. Can someone please help, is it maybe related to some packaging setting I ticked by mistake? It is extremely frustrating and the HTML5 support basically ended with this version.

Thank you.

Edit: I found the solution. In this case the issue was that I used way too many layers for my landscape material. Reduced the number of layers from 7-8 to 3 and the project now loads properly. Maximum number of layers for these types of builds is 4 I think.

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I had this issue on 4.23. Took my landscape materials from 8 down to 7 and that fixed it.