UE4.22 - Standalone Game loads a black screen & not responding, why? image att.

Hi, i canot play Standalone mode, it loads a black screen and stays like that, not responding at all, why?

Here is a picture:

Can you open the command console in that state?

thanks, i cant use it, the standalone window stops responding, its not posible to open console, not even posible to minimize or close that window, i can only close it by using windows task manager,

but if i play any other UE window, like PIE´s or selected viewport, no problem at all, also packaging is not been affected… but it takes hours to make, that´s why i need standalone to work.

No idea how to fix this black screen

Ok, now it loads…. it takes 45 minutes, that´s why i get the black screen, but nothing Works as it should, materials look terrible, some don´t even appear, all settings are reset to low and even commands for resizing to fullscreen, windowed or borderless don´t work.

I tried to use “launch” instead but after half hour compiling, an error mesage appears.

So weird, because after packaging, not any of this problems happen…. but packaging takes 4 hours….WTH UE?

i have the same problem

I never found a solution for this, launch Works perfect while UE has Little to non content, but once the Project is heavy… it doesn´t work, i´n my personal experience launch is useless for projects bigger that 10GB, i just kept using viewpot play wich always Work perect, also i stopped packaging the whole Project, now i just package the actual levels, to avoid long packaging times, still more than 1 hour do.