UE4.22 - Impossible to package project, Unreal compiles Blueprints and assets i never used.

Hi, my project runs perfect in UE´s viewport, i built everything without problems. but now, i try to package and it seems like, an imposible task… It takes hours compiling, to finally create a fail message because everything causes warnings and errors… the main problem is that Unreal tries to compile everything, and there is a lot of things (blueprints, meshes, materials, textures, default UE content) int the Content Browser, that i never used in the World Outliner (viewport), i just keept those blueprints, materials, meshes inside content browser as possible assets int the future or simply for investigative purposes or i simply left them there.

Is there a way to package only viewport stuff, actual levels and content from world outliner and ignore content browser? Why it´s so hard to package a project that works flawlessly in the engine´s viewport?

You can export a project config backup then import that config into a new project.
Also migrate your game map assets to the new project. Only the assets used by migrated levels will be copied over.

Also in settings panel you can enable an option to not include engine default assets into the build.

But error like you say sounds like something have compiler errors or something references assets that you have deleted and didn’t fix redirectors.

Where is the option to not include editor engine defaults? did you mean: "exclude editor content when cooking? this option has warnings, it says that it can cause misssing content problems, actually i did used a couple of textures from default content, i just want Unreal to avoid compiling, cooking and adding to the game, other content non usued in the World Outliner.

for example, i bought some market place assets, i might have used parts of them, but i canot delete what i did not used because Unreal Engine deleting system sucks……… and now packaging is also compiling them… if manually i try to delete content, i have 3 scenarios: 1) Unreal does delete content, 2) Unreal crashes or 3) it simply says they were deleted but if i search in my pc, they are still there and Unreal still compiles them.

So, either i canot delete “some” content manually or i canot avoid Unreal compiling every non used stuff from my content browser… i belive delete and packaging system is terrible in Unreal 4.22, everything else is wonderfull to be fair.

FIXED! I share my solution with the world:

I was right! excluding editor content caused lots of issues, the problem is that many BP components have “editor only cooking” check in their settings, for that reason, every BP component with that option enable, was not cooked in the final game, so… never exclude editor content, it wont have a big impact in your final game size, but if you exclude it, many BP´s wont work properly.

To only package what you have in the outliner and ignore content browser useless assets, you have to use “list of maps to include in a packaged build” you click + and locate every map to package by using … including sub levels maps, if you do this, Unreal is only going to package content asigned for those maps.

It was really hard to make it work, because i still had to wait for endles hours…. until Unreal stops cooking to find out if each change worked, but now since it only cooks what i did use in the outliner, i have cero errors and warnings, also as i used “compressed cooked packages” and since i have no useless content, my 25 GB project, was reduced in the final packaged game to 2 GB, amazing!!! now i wonder if those 40GB games were 400GB projects LOL.

thanks for helping.