UE4.21 using Python 3.6 using asyncio

I managed to compile UE4.21 with Python 3.6 in order to experiment with new python3 features. Everything is working so far.
Lately i am running into an issue, i want to incorporate the “asyncio” feature using unreals python api so i could have an external program send information through a tcp socket and have unreal read it and do stuff all in the editor.

I am struggling with figuring out a way to incorporate a tick for the editor so unreal can stay active (not blocked/ frozen/ locked up) and keep asyncio/ tcp server running in the background.

I managed to get the following example working using 20tab’s unreal plugin on python3.x on a completely separate install and it works really well! **BUT **i want to see if there is a way to recreate this example for native unreal using native python api

Here is the example i am referencing…

Anyone have any insight on how i can incorporate a tick in editor using python api? From what i can tell there are only ticks for characters and assets…