#UE4-20 - Unreal Engine 4.27 - Adding Animations to an Existing Animated Character

I am using UE4.27 atm because it’s easier for my autistic mind to grasp without being overwhelmed and stressed out - that and my computer can handle it until I upgrade my PC next year to use UE5.

Life story over - I have already animated a character. I wish to add additional animations to them in order for their backwards animation to cease the backwards Running & Walking looking like the Benny Hill Show - but, well, backwards.

I am possibility flogging a dead horse here, I ask for no judgements, only help. Basically, I want to add Crouch/Standing, Standing/Crouch & Crouch Idle animations to my currently already animated character and I don’t know how to do that. I have a mind like a goldfish sometimes I swear.

Thank you so much in advance for your patience and taking the time to respond to my query which has possibly already been said about a dozen-million times. :worried:

This should pretty much cover your first steps in animation. The video tells you about `Where to get Animation- how to import animation - how to trigger animation with Animation Blueprints.

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Thank you! I can’t believe I overlooked this video the other day! This is perfect! You deserve everything that’s good coming to you my friend! :grinning: