UE4.20.3 Animation Sequencer Looping Issues.

have a question as from my perspective view it is looks like bug, and i do not know how to get rid of that.
I’ve tried simple animation on the UE4 to check if it, if it is so great as people saying. Unfortunately from the

So in this animation character should come in and open (1) first door , and walk away to place the hat, and after it come out of the room. Now character opening the door open and close it, start walking to place that in the other area in the room, and POP doors opening again. It is happening only then i am rendering. I cannot see any tracks of this bug in the real time or then sliding vie time slider in the sequencer… i cant understand why it is happening. AND YES i removed looping from the animation… If can some one help me please let me know . thank you all.

Is the ShelfDoors object set to “Use Animation Asset” outside of Sequencer? If so, I think what’s happening is that sequencer plays the animation and then releases control of the object, which then plays the “Anim_ShelfDoorsOpen” since that’s what the object is set to outside of Sequencer.

You might want to set the “AnimToPlay” to none and see if that fixes your problem.