UE4.16 New IOS features access?

My UE4.13 apps work fine on IOS and I have refrained from upgrading to 4.14/4.15 because:

(a) I couldn’t find anything to gain from doing so (feature wise)

(b) whenever I upgrade to a new versionof UE4 the IOS packaging size grows significantly.
4.13 gives me an IOS package < 100MB while 4.14 was over 105MB, even after stripping out
all unnecessary resources using PakBlacklist-Shipping.txt.

As such, I am wondering if there is anything to gain by using UE4.16 for IOS packaging?

Are there any new IOS 9/10 features to access when using UE4.16?

I have the feeling that a lack of response will unfortunately mean iOS isn’t of particulary high importance anymore.