UE4.14 crashes in ContentExamples project

Open the ContentExamples project in 4.14 provided by Epic. In the ExampleProjectWelcome level, doing a left click fly around to the end crashes the engine every time.

Hi. I’m not getting an error… Could you post your DXDIAG. When I had an AMD card it would crash like this sometimes when I was moving around. Might not be it, but…??

Here is my DXDIAG. I am using an AMD card. I have been through all levels of the ContentExamples project in 4.13.2 without a hiccup. To be more specific, it causes the engine the freeze and only engine.link text

Not saying that this is it. BUT, I had an AMD card with a driver version near what you have and it would crash all the time. It was HORRIBLE! Got an nVidia because it drove me nuts. I think the drivers have been fixed though…

Hi Rejji,

In order to better assist you, please answer the following:

  1. Are you browsing the 4.14 Content Examples, specifically, or did you open a copy of an earlier version in UE4.14?
  2. Can you provide precise repro steps that cause UE4.14 to crash consistently?
  3. Are you running the latest version of your drivers?
  4. Are you running UE4 in DirectX 12 Mode?


Hi ,

  1. I deleted the old ContentExamples project I had for 4.13.2 and rebuilt it for 4.14. Just redid it in fact just to make sure.
  2. Upon loading the project, in the ExampleProjectWelcome Level, without hitting play, right click in the 3d viewport and fly down the room, right around the Interactive Stands demo second from the end, it freezes. Very consistently. I have loaded up a number of other maps in that project, done the same thing, right click flying around the room, no problem, it is only that one spot that consistently causes the freeze.
  3. Yes I am running the latest version of my drivers. It is an older AMD card.
  4. I don’t know. If it runs default on Windows 10 in DirectX 12 Mode then I am.

I actually have had very good stability with Unreal on my system.

I have not been able to reproduce this on three machines: Windows7PC, Windows10PC, and a MacBookProMid2013. This is still scheduled to be tested on a PC with an older AMD card.

In the meantime, please try running this in DX12 mode and see if it resolves the issue. Here are a couple of ways to do this:

  • Create a shorcut for the Content Example project. Right Mouse Click and at the end of the .exe path, after the quotation marks, type: [space] -dx12 (hit OK)
  • …or in the Windows Start Menu>Search> type “cmd” to open the command prompt window. Then drag the Content Examples .uproject icon into the Command Prompt window. After the quotation marks, type: [space] -dx12 (Enter)

I ran it in DX12 mode. Same result, freezing right at that Interactive Stands demo. I also opened five other maps I hadn’t tested before, all are fine, but it consistently freezes at that one area.

It is also freezing in play mode in the ExampleProjectWelcome level. Also it freezes on the second to last booth in the Material_Node level. And a freeze in the Material Properties map just two booths in.

I haven’t been through all the maps in 4.14 but I did go through every single map in 4.13 and did not have a single problem.

Hi Rejji,

Thanks for the detailed description of when this occurs as well as the additional updates. In addition to my own tests, we have now tested this on systems with AMD graphic cards as well. Still, we are unable to reproduce this behavior nor has it been widely reported.

Until we are able to reproduce this we will not be able to work on fixing the cause of the bug. In the meantime, I suggest making sure that your gpu drivers are up to date and that you try updating to the new UE4.14.1 hotfix release as sometimes an issue will be inadvertently fixed when other issues are addressed.

Thanks for the feedback,


Thank you for the excellent support.