UE4.13 texture streaming pool over

I try to run and test both UE 4.12.5 and UE 4.13. Why the UE4.13 issue from texture streaming pool over?

Those screenshots don’t really tell us anything other than you having two versions of the engine installed.

But anyway, if you are talking about the texture streaming pool being over the limit by a certain ##mb. In 4.12, you have obviously increased the pool size, where as in 4.13, you haven’t. Each engine version uses its own different set of config files.

The 4.13 release thread wasn’t a good place to post this question btw.

use the console - r.streamingPoolSize 2000 for example. This question was answered before How do I increase the texture pool? - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums

@ - Thanks… but note… how i will know? in 1st of all, i use normally UE4.12.5 without doing change the “r.Streaming.PoolSize”. Then I also try use consol/~ but no change.

Please if you can’t direct to the point please don’t post or reply useless help

More thanks to you @Deemk0 you very kind :slight_smile:

I try all instruction from this “How do I increase the texture pool? - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums” but all same issue :(. But from UE4.12 is working fine without changing any “r.Streaming.PoolSize=1500”.

I was simply trying to help. You can google this issue and find the answers you need with very little effort/reading.

The default pool size may have changed in 4.13. I’m not sure as I’m still on 4.12.5. The method of changing the pool size remains the same however.

If you found my response useless then I guess you can fix it yourself anyway then…? Oh wait…

I solve my problem by downloading UE4.13 github then compile to Visual Studio C++.No error found :)… Thanks i will remove UE4.13 original

I try to use Nvidia GTX 1060 video card the screen working perfect, but when i try my GTX 960 its show crazy output same before if you using low graphics like intel build-in?

Is that the same issue?

It sounds like you have issues outside of UE4. Are you physically swapping the two gpu’s?
Have you reinstalled drivers? Tried different drivers? Make sure your monitor is plugged into the GPU output and not the movie onboard one?

Yes…I try to swap using GTX1060 its normal?.. But when i use GTX960 on UE4.12.5 its show normal. But when i try use UE4.13 its show low graphics output with or without play :(.

“Gosh” now…I FIX… by reformatting whole Windows System :frowning: .

Note: Before UE4.13 Preview 1, 2 or UE4.12.5 its show normal. Thanks… @ and others for reply.