UE4.12 Vehicle not appearing in mobile

I’m working on a mobile project using vehicles. It worked flawlessly in 4.10 and 4.11. However, in 4.12, when I Launch it to my mobile device the skeletal mesh itself is there with the physics asset but the wheels aren’t there. My motorcycle sits there like a lump of coal and, because of its physics asset, just rocks around like it has no wheels.

It’s not giving me any errors anywhere and everything is fine otherwise. It plays like it’s supposed in the editor itself (PiE), the vehicles move and everything is fine. I’ve also tried creating a whole new project and dropping my content folder there and it gave me the same result: everything’s fine but there are no wheels and no one’s moving.

I did create a brand new adv vehicle project (BP only) and it actually worked on my mobile device without any hiccups and it moved like normal, which leads me to believe it’s something to do with my vehicle.

I’m not entirely sure why my vehicle wouldn’t be working while the standard one does. Especially because it worked in 4.11 For now, I’m forced to use 4.11 and I’m not entirely sure if it’s my fault or 4.12.

Hi FelRod,

To speed up the debugging process, would you mind migrating your vehicle and any other necessary assets (GameMode, PlayerController, etc) to a blank project and sending it to me?

You can PM me a download link on the forums if you’d rather not upload it here.

Hey ,
Right after I ran into the problem I went back to 4.11 and ran into this problem almost immediately: https://answers.unrealengine.com/questions/364290/character-child-class-skeletal-mesh-default-issue.html

I had three vehicles as a child class of a main vehicle, and ended up changing them to simply three separate blueprints instead of child bps. I implemented a lot of other features and changed many files but none of them directly affected the vehicle, so I think this might have been the problem.

After putting them into separate blueprints everything worked fine. Brought the project into 4.12 and it works flawlessly. No hiccups.

That’s great, glad it works for you now. Responding in that thread is definitely the right thing to do here. We should be able to help with that issue over there.