UE4.11/Mac: Duplicate Object (Alt/Option+DragLM)

Hold Alt/Option, press LMB and drag selected object, release LMB. Alt/Option key still holding ! And then new selected object try to drag for make new duplicate but object just move without making copy.

Hi ,

I followed these steps to recreate the scenario you are describing:

  1. In Unreal Engine 4.11 running on a Mac
  2. LMB + Select a static mesh
  3. Continue to LMB and also press “option”
  4. LMB + option + drag results in duplicating the static mesh
  5. Release LMB while continuing to press the “option” key
  6. Select a new static mesh with LMB ( while still holding down “option” key)
  7. Drag newly selected object with LMB + option key
  8. Result: newly selected object does not create duplicate

This expected behavior and works the same way in previous versions of UE4. To create a duplicate of the newly selected object, simply release and press the option key again.

If I have not reproduced the issue you are describing, please list steps to reproduce the issue as I have done here.



BTW Question: UE-Developers team has plans to add the ability to make copies without releasing Alt key?

Currently there are no plans to change this as no one else has reported this as a problem with the engine. However, if you can provide a compelling reason for why this change would be advantageous, I will enter a feature request on your behalf.

Yes. Its not problem, please fill up it as feature request please