UE4.11 does not show up in the launcher

I have downloaded UE 4.11 binaries from Git.
The editor runs fine (beware the UE4 Realistic Rendering interior scene will crash your editor )
How do I have it show up in the launcher.

Tried to copy the UnrealVersionSelector in the 4.11 folder (which is in the same folder as all my other UE4 installs ). The message says it was successful but 4.11 still does not show up in the launcher.

Thank you for your help.

Hey boomji-

The Launcher lists the binary versions of the engine that you’re able to download through the Launcher. While the source version of the engine does not show up in the Launcher, any project that uses the source engine will still show in the Library tab of the Launcher for easy access to the project.


Thanks for the information .
If I copied a UE4.11 install (which was downloaded from the launcher on another machine) is there any way to have that show up in the editor (on another machine) ?

I understand it’s best to just re-download the whole thing but bandwidth is a problem in my country. If you could put up a Sticky / tutorial on how to get around this problem I’m sure a lot of people in similar situations would benefit.


While it is not possible to copy an engine version from the launcher as you described, if you’ve downloaded the source version of the engine then it is possible to copy these files to another machine.

Cool thanks .
Essentially the engine version will show up ‘only’ if it is downloaded via the launcher.