Ue4.10 multiplayerShootout Client not showing properly

I have a problem with multiplayerShootout demo. When i launch a game in editor and click on play on server, map server launch fine but client screen becomes black. I use ue4.10.2, anyone have same issue or is it coming from my computer?

Hi tmadec,

There are a number of issues with Multiplayer Shootout sample in 4.8 and beyond, mostly due to a change in how UMG widgets are handled between 4.7 (when sample was created) and 4.8. We have a bug report in for this particular issue with Client menu widget disappearing after clicking Play on Server (UE-17889). This will only happen when playing in editor, and not a packaged or launched project, and only if Play settings are set to Auto Connect To Server (Editor Preferences > Play > Multiplayer Options). Disabling that will prevent this problem, but cause other problems with focus in Client window (also a known issue).

simplest way to continue testing with this in sample past 4.7 is to open Main Menu map’s Level Blueprint. You’ll see Event Begin Play hooked up to a cast to MyGameInstance. Instead, disconnect Event Begin Play and instead use Create Widget node set to Main Menu. With that Return Value, run Add to Viewport. Then, to make sure window gets a visible mouse cursor, Get Player Controller > Set Show Mouse Cursor (True). It should look like this:

Remember, this is just a simple workaround for this issue while Playing in Editor. When you package game or launch, it’s best to reconnect Event Begin Play to GameInstance cast and function call.

Hope that helps!

This is all i wanted to know, thank you ! It’s working

How to you create server map