UE4.10 keeps crashing when loading BPs


When trying to load any BP in my project it keeps crashing - sent the crash reports in.

In my other projects, BP loading works, so it seems to be a “speciality” of this project.

Restored last version from svn, but it still won’t work.

Tried around a little bit and my opinion is, that the editor thinks that an BP is already open. But I have no idea how to fix.

Deleted the “Save” folder, but this has no impact as well.

I says everytime that the “last time the editor wasn’t closed correctly”, when say restore it crashes. When saying don’t restore and ending/exit editor and reload project, this isn’t helping. :frowning:

Strange thing behind, on other PC this project works really fine without crash…! ?

Any idea? Mybe just a ini-file to change?

Many Thanks.



Crash Folder

verifying my 4.10.0 at the moment by launcher - maybe it helps…

Verifyig helped.
Hmm. Ok.