Ue4.10.1 Memory Leak Within Actor Panel.

Ue4 4.10.1 appears to have a memory leak related to the actor window that is running up 30GB’s of ram in about 3-4 hours. I can send my project privately upon request if an engineer wishes to take a look into the cause.

Here is a screenshot to prove i’m not crazy (Screenshot - 04c744fe1cc4d9e2afbb9ca0ecebc164 - Gyazo)

Hi Classyham,

What, specifically, do you mean by “Actor Panel” or “Actor Window”? Do you mean the World Outliner?

Are you doing anything with this window/panel that causes the leak to occur? Resizing it, detaching it, etc.


Here is another thread where it has been confirmed by an admin:


When i say actor window i meant blueprint event graph. It also causes huge frame rate drops when a large node structure is being displayed.

The bug report in the other AH thread turned out to be a duplicate of another bug report(UE-23820) which is fixed in 4.11 (Just tested it).

The reason it occurs is that you have a ton of tabs open at once, when the tabs are too small(before 4.11), it creates a memory leak. It has to do with how it handles the tab text. So the workaround is to keep your number of tabs to a minimum, especially if you don’t view the blueprints full screen.