UE4-0 Build - convert array elements to an Linear color structure to change a UI buttons FG or BG colors

Hi guys,

Im building an application to display frames with a specific rgb value. I’m going to use 2 frames with 2 different RGB values so I’m able to switch between these values with a time interval. So far i created my own function to pull data out of an text file and store it into an array. What i want to achieve is to insert te data from the array which contains (0.1,0.1,.0.1,1) into the make slatecolor on the Specified values connection. Cause than i’ll be able to use the RGB values from the file to set my rgb values onto the frame and change these with a simple value change in my file.

See the figure at my “1” marker at this place im collection data from my text file and load it into my array.

marker “2” the place where i want to use my text file values to set the RGB value.