UE3 to UE4 Transition Guide(Wiki)

Hey everyone!

Here some of us gathered a bunch of tips for an easier transition between UDK and UE4.

I know it’s not much, so feel free to edit and add content you think might fit in there so that people have less trouble switching their projects to UE4.(or just post here if you don’t want to be bothered with Wiki and i’ll add them)

Hope it helps!

I see you transferred it to the wiki, nice:)

a couple of suggestions.

1: on the assets and packages bit you could add the extensions so people who are brand new to UE4 don’t try to open say a UPK file or whatever.

2: you could add an import section listing the different supported files, like meshes and animations UE3 = psk/psa fbx UE4 = fbx…ect

keep up the good work:D


just thought of another, the way UE4 splits skeletal meshes into 2 files for the mesh and skeleton instead of keeping it as one file in UDK

Done. Thanks! :slight_smile: