UE3 to UE4 Camera Issue (FPS)

Everything from my previous build in UDK transferred fine to UE4, 4.7 I think, but one camera issue has popped up severely hindering my progress.

My project is and FPS, check out the character model and power-ups here…

When I test my game, everything about the character’s model and animations are responding to my mouse input but the camera is FIXED on the Y axis. I can look left and right no problem but not up and down. And interesting point to note is that whatever angle my editor camera has once I start the play test is the same angle the player’s camera will get locked on.

If you feel as if you can help and would like to see my scripts/build please feel free to contact by email… SUBJECT: UE4

I will pay via PayPal once the issue is resolved. Estimated commission ~$100, unless issue is much more drastic than I can foresee.

I sent you an email, I have quite a bit of experience working with characters and camera issues.