[ue] Why can't I delete previous version that are not even in my pc?

Whenever I launch my Unreal Engine, no matter what I do, they are there.
The version 4.14.3 can be deleted, but when UE relaunces, it shows up again. The other “versions”, no matter what I do, they do not get removed or deleted.

Now, as you can see I have installed those versions. I don’t have 4.14.3 nor 4.18.3.


What makes me mad, though, is that I cannot even choose past that 4.18.3 version, even if I have them already installed, thus, not being able to verify already downloaded versions.

I have tried to delete from the pc every single project of mine, I had it uninstalled and installed it again, I have searched both answerhub and the forums and haven’t found anything that helped me. Does someone recognise that problem or even think of any solution to this? My head hurts.