UE - visual studio - xbox one

These days I got a message from regarding the new dev mode on xbox one. I asume u know it but here the link to a video they made: Episode 18: Xbox Dev Kit Mode | Level Up | Channel 9

Gerst Panzer and Mehmet Erikilic describe the way using Unity3d - VisualStudio - xbox in dev mode.

These cool thing will run without any further restrictions on every system.

A few month ago I switched from making tooIs (not games) from Unity3d to Unreal Engine. And I know / I assume there is also a possibility to debug “games” in VisStudio made in UE.

Is there - after this way - a restriction to sent it further to the xbox one in dev mode?

The question is … if it is also poss. to go this way:

UE - deb/compile in VisStudio - XBOX one.

And is everyone out there who made a tutorial using this way or another way to get ue made things on xbox one?

Thx in advance, Stephan

It’s about the UWP Xbox One apps which Unreal is not supporting at the moment and most likely never. So in short you won’t be able to run your Unreal games without being registered developer and getting a separate dev kit console.

thx, i read a lot of these way and made it …

so I am a member of the windows dev center,, downloaded and installed visstudio2015com and I am in the windows insider program.
(than I tried some things using unity3d - visual studio - it runs … nice - but I appreciate the power and technology of UE - so I wanted to try something using UE.

I filled out the UE request to get the XBOX dev tools and got this answer:
“Thank you for filling out the UE4 Console Access Request (regarding the xbox dev tools) form. Once we have received confirmation of your developer status (ms dev) we will reach back out to you to continue the sign up process.”

I understand the way but it is very complex - I have to describe an idea to MS before they will write the confirmation direction EG.
I have an idea, but it is like “considering” about tons of ideas … (sry for my poor english)

I thought the way is easier - only to try something in the first way - and to learn WALK before I run (with the dev kit)
maybe the unity way will be the only way … (I know the things about UWP).

thx, stephan

another question …

good morning. 1st.

what is the thing, that I can use Visual Studio 201x for my unreal engine made things
but I am not able to send it further direction xbox one?

The way from Visual Studio to xbox one ist described in the link I send in my 1st line.

sry for that stupid question … I dont know enough regarding the xbox architecture …

I have read
link 1: UE4 and Visual Studio 2015 - Engine Source & GitHub - Unreal Engine Forums
link 2: Setting Up Visual Studio for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine Documentation

Best, Stef

Retail Xbox One dev kit mode is only for UWP apps and games and Unreal does not support them so its impossible.

Only way to get your Unreal game to Xbox is to be a registered developer, have Microsoft send you developer xbox and use the non public additions to the engine.