UE UE crashes with 9 or more sphere reflection

Hi, I work on a scene where I tried to place more than 9 sphere reflection, after copy 9 UE crashes. I thought it was because of my scene and I tried on a clean scene. The exact same thing happened (screenshot). I tried to install an older version and the error was fixed (2.23.1). Tried on another computer with the version 2.25 y there was no problem. I think it’s something specific to this computer. The especs of my pc are:

Dual Xeon Bronze
Quad Quadro P4000
SSD 500 GB

Please let me know if you have had the same problem and if there is any solution.

Thank you very much, greetings !!

I have the latest Windows and GPU updates up to date.

Hi, that can be connected with this Out of video memory - Getting Started - Unreal Engine Forums

Hi, thank you very much, I found the solution, I lowered the resolution of the sphere reflection. By default it is in 2048. Setting it to 1024 solved.