UE to Rigify: How do I incorporate the ik_hand_l or ik_hand_r IK bones in my animation?

UE to Rigify:

I’m trying to make animations for the UE Mannequin, but I’m not sure how to incorporate the IK bones like: ik_hand_l, ik_hand_r, or ik_hand_gun.

In this example, my animation isn’t able to incorporate the *ik_hand_l *bone:


Furthermore, when I’m in Blender, after converting it to the rigify rig controls… I’m unable to find those IK bones. Anyone have any advice?

Hi wha092686! I’ve got the solution for you. I’m going to assume that you have already your mannequin in Blender picked up as an Unreal Mannequin Rig. Here’s the trick:

  • In the UE to Rigify tab select the mode “Source to deform”,
  • Make a window for the “Bone Remaping” Layout
    (if “Source to deform” nodes doesn’t appear, go first to “Fk to Source” and come back.)
  • We have to make between 5 and 8 new node links depending on which version of the addon you have**: Your 5 essentials are hand_IK.R / hand_IK.L / hand_gun_IK / foot_IK.L and foot_IK.R.
  • Click the red sphere that correspond to the hand_ik.R for example, then hold Shift and click to add the DEF-hand.R to the selection (octathedral green bone)
  • Press Alt + 1 and select “Link Selected Bones”.
  • You have to do this with the other bones also to the one that corresponds. Hand_gun_IK goes with the hand_IK.R too.

**In the newest version (ue2rigify 1.5.7) Root motion is a default, but I started with the 1.3.7 and I had to do this (actually this was the first thing that wanted to do). If that’s your case I encourage you to make nodes also for Pelvis, Foot IK and Hand Ik to the Root (Pelvis->Root ; FootIK_root ->Root ; HandIK_root ->Root)
In the Rig Collection click in the Eye closed to unhide and see the bones. These are the actual bones that Unreal is going to pick up.
Last thing, in the second “root” the one with the guy holding a square handball ball (?) or a square, whatever you like most,
Add Object Contraint (copy location and copy rotation)and search for “parent_root”
You’re done.

PS: Whenever you close the blender project and open it again, you may have to select again the “parent_root” bone in the Object Contraint window. (copy location and copy rotation)

I hope this helps! Have a fantastic day!


Step one, Uninstall the ridiculously bad blender tools for characters they put out without following any advice from us, who had already developed tools for it.

Step 2, use my plugin, or, the worthy opponent. Mr. Mannequin


With my plugin all you have to do is import and process an animation.

The IK bones are automatically placed near the hands. If you need to animate the IK bones you are most definitely doing something wrong.

Their default position should be the same as the hand/foot bone without having to put the load on the system to change the position at runtime.


NEVER heard of you guys which amazes me. I just tried out bonebraker (which is free by the way for anyone not knowing that) and bam… got everything imported and converted to rigify correctly.
10/10 would recommend. I don’t get why you guys don’t work together with Epic Games. So much potential for excellent software here.

Epic has had no intention of collaborating when it comes to their blender tools.

They haven’t even taken a single piece of advice from anyone who had already made unreal related blender tools.
That’s advice from us, from the maker of mr. Mannequin, and from another 3 developers at least.

They were kind enough to give us a mega grant for the project though.

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i would like to follow that tutorial, but it is so poorly written, i have no idea what you want…