UE - Theme for VSC

For those of you who use VSC, I leave you a theme that I think is quite nice. I hope you like it.

from marketplace VSC:


I will make updates and keep it up to date. It’s the one I’m going to use. It will have quite relaxing colors for the eyes.
No more 90s styles.

If you have suggestions on color, font, spacing, shadows… I’m open to changes.

If you want to contribute or change something:

This theme will be updated every time it is required. If you find new functionality or new colors, it will be due to the requirement.

Download pack current fonts (Fira_Code,JetBrains_Mono,Source_Code_Pro)

Updates 0.0.19
  • 1 - Automatic settings in font styles. You won’t have to modify anything about the source…
  • 2 - Correction of editions now all are part of VSC
Updates 0.0.21
Updates 0.0.22
  • Modified font properties:
    1 - Adapted to the same as JetBrains Mono with Intellij.
    With the font “JetBrains Mono”, this theme now has the same font appearance as the Atom one dark theme by Intellij.
    2 - Whenever the theme is reinstalled you will have the extension configuration. You can modify it whenever you want.
    3 - Change of intensity in the fonts. By default it is very similar to Atom one dark from Intellij.

Updates 0.0.25
Updates 0.0.26
  • Improved terminal. Greater clarity.
    • Correction of contrast colors that made the cursor not visible enough.