UE-SharedDataCachePath - Only in Non-Rocket Builds?


I have read this article about the DDC. We would like to use a shared DDC but we would prefer to globally set this via the given Environment Variable instead of changing the DefaultEngine.ini for every project.
We tried with the Binary version and nothing really worked. Is the use of “UE-SharedDataCachePath” env variable only possible for Github-Compiles?
It would also be more convenient to use the BaseEngine.ini but with every new Engine Update, one has to re-edit the BaseEngine.ini which is annoying and quickly overlooked!

Thank you very much in Advance!

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Hi LeFxGuy,

As you mentioned, the easiest way to setup a shared DDC is using the UE-SharedDataCachePath environment variable, but you still need to declare your DDC in BaseEngine.ini (or in DefaultEngine.ini for your individual projects). We don’t have a built-in way to use a default DDC without ini changes. You could try to implement one in in Engine/Source/Developer/DerivedDataCache, but I suspect it would be less trouble just to use inis.

Does this answer your question?


Josh @ Epic

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Is there at least one ini-file in the
engine directory that gets not updated
when installing a new engine

You can add your own User*.ini files to override the global the Base*.ini files, and these will not be touched by engine upgrades. User*.ini files should go in either /AppData/Local/Unreal Engine/Engine/Config/ or /Documents/Unreal Engine/Engine/Config/.

can we use one large path or do
different engine versions overwrite
other engine version DDC files?

The DDC does not separate assets acording to the engine version, so different engine versions will overwrite each other’s files.